About Us

Elite Interiors is committed to design excellence, responsibility and sustainability. Dedicated to the creation of custom interiors, the company prides itself on combining architecture and interior design to find unique and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Elite Interior and Designing is a Mumbai-based firm that provides custom interior design services for commercial and residential projects. Founded in 1990 , Elite Interior and Designing offers a comprehensive range of interior design services and a broad collection of Windows and Facades. Committed to architectural integrity and accomplished in a broad scope of design styles, Elite is celebrated for its fresh interpretations of living and working environments that address client vision and functionality. Elite Interiors completes projects tailored to the individual styles and needs of its clients, on budget and on time.

Our Team

Sadik M. Modi

Sadik is our mentor who brings with him rich experience of over 3 decades in interior contracting. He spends most of his time following the financial markets and managing investment portfolios. Away from work he loves to be with his family.


Taher is an enthusiast with a passion for creativity and innovation. He escalated Elite Interior & Designing with his Professional approach throughout India. Adventure being his hobby, he would never miss a chance to explore nature.


Ebrahim is just like his father who has always been aspiring to Knowledge. He has provided a boost to the company since the time he joined the organization with his Dedication and Competency. He loves adventure and traveling.